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Chris 'Cookie' Colbourn - SHIT® Magazine Interview

Chris ´Cookie’ Colbourn is a east coast skater who has gone from skating in his home city in Vermont to take over the city of Los Angeles with his undeniable skills that in December 2019 led him to become part of the Element Pro Team. Chris is also an artist and he combines his passion for drawing with skateboarding. He is a guy that really enjoys what he is doing and it seems that this new year will only bring more achievements to his skateboarding career. We had the pleasure of talking to him and learn more about this next page as a pro skater and what skateboarding has meant for him throughout his life.






Our Interview With Chris 'Cookie' Colbourn

Pro Skater Chris Colbourn Interview cookie on shit
Photo: Gavins Waffield (Photohtaphy)

SHIT®: You have come a long way in skateboarding and you have been achieving so many things, for example it is no longer skater Chris Colbourn but Pro Skater Chris Colbourn. We wanted to know how the process from being an amateur skater to becoming a pro skater has been, do you feel any difference

Chris: Yeah, it’s definitely, just mainly like the mentality. It's a lot more motivating now to keep doing what I love, knowing that I have the support and the recognition from the majority of the industry. So it feels good to see my accomplishments pay off after all the hard work.

SHIT®: Was it a surprise to you when they told you that you would become a pro skater, or were you already expecting it?

Chris: I definitely wasn’t expecting it, but they told me a little ahead of time. I found out in June of last year and then all the planning went into play, and in about a five months time span I was able to film this video part and then make the board graphics and planning it all until it became real around December 13th.

SHIT®: Just a few weeks ago, so you’re ready to start with this journey in 2020?

Chris: pretty much yeah, I´m stoked that I end 2019 on a good note and moving into this year with a lot more motivation and good energy.

SHIT®: You´re really excited about it I suppose. Congratulations by the way, you really deserve it.

Chris: For sure, yeah I´m stoke, it's been a real trip just getting congratulated by so many different people, it's pretty overwhelming and is still sinking in, still trying to process it. Nothing else is changing I just try to keep skating and doing video parts while I keep working with the community.

SHIT®: We saw your videos, the ´War and Peace´, ´Toxic Planet´ and the ‘Element Pro’, I want to know which one of those videos you like the most, do you have a favorite one?

Chris: Probably my favorite part so far has been this video part I did with my friend James Buchmann, the video was called ´Cut & Dry´ it came out in 2013 and it is definitely my favorite video part so far, even though I´m very proud of those others you just listed. But to make a part with my homie James Buchmann who I pretty much grew up skating with on the east coast, and that video part means a lot because it represents east coast skating. Which I‘m accustomed to and then like the transition of moving to Los Angeles and skating all these amazing spots down here, it's a cool hybrid of a part for me…


Watch the full video above and see our whole interview with the amazing pro skater Chris Colbourn, also check his sick videos in the links below:



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