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Chris Cole: From Grandma’s Window to a Skateboarding Legend

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


During the early 90`s Chris Cole was another regular boy living a regular life in Levittown, PA outside of Philadelphia. However, one day out of nowhere he saw some kids skateboarding in front of his grandmother´s house and that was it, his life wasn’t going to be ordinary at all. Who would say that some random guys looking “cool” skateboarding in front of a house, would inspire such a prodigy to follow his dreams and become a reference for a whole generation of skaters? Today in SHIT® it´s time for us to get to know a little bit more of this marvelous skater.


Begged For a Skateboard Untill He Got It

Photo: Mikael Cho (Unsplash)

After those magic moments in front of grandma´s window, Cole’s desire to skate was unleashed. Nonetheless he had to face almost every skater´s first obstacle, and we are not talking about any grind or ramp but about one of the biggest hinders of all times for most of skaters. Yes guys, we are talking about convincing our parents to give us our first skateboard, and for Cole being the son of nurse was like trying to achieve a real-life ollie using a fingerboard, Imagine that… Well, he did it! Not the ollie with a fingerboard of course (even though he is REALLY good, he still has to obey the laws of physics just like the rest of us), after a year of begging he got his first skateboard.






From Philly to the World

Growing up as skater in Pennsylvania was a curse and blessing at the same time. He did not have many parks to practice in but went directly to the streets, and those streets forced him to learn harder tricks and develop his style at a very young age. During his childhood he was already winning regional contest and before he was seventeen, he had his first pro sponsorships.


Worldwide Pro Skater: A Life Full of Trophies, Awards and Recognition

X Games, Street League, BATB are just a few of the events that Chris Cole has won over the years but we could write several pages if we name them all. He’s also been named Thrasher Magazine’s “Skater of the Year” in 2005 and 2009, he’s been featured in several video games and TV-Shows. Just write his name in Google or Youtube and you will see what we are talking about.


Life Beyond the Skateboard

Cole is family guy, when he isn´t skating or at some event related to skateboarding he likes to spend time with his family in San Diego where he lives nowadays. He wants to be a part of the sport and leave a legacy for the next generation of skateboarders not only as an outstanding skater or for his great performances but beyond that he has become a worldwide influence for kids that may see his videos and say: Dude! That guy is awesome I want to be as cool as he is… In the same way that those guys almost 30 years ago astonished and inspired him to become who he is today. 




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