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Chiharu Sei: The Artisan Behind The Coolest Skateboarding Decks On Earth

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Once you get the first look on Sei, nothing about her screams that she is involved in skateboarding, dressed from head to toe in some of the most luxurious clothing brands like Louis Vuitton, she is a character that you could not see involved in this whole industry, but looks can be deceiving, perhaps only a shirt from skateboard company that has been gifted to her from previous collab works could give you a hint.

The fact is, she is one of Jason Dills closest friends, she recently worked for him and painted his portrait in one of his new decks, she has had an interest in skateboarding culture and how it has affected the fashion industry over the years.

Supreme is one of the most influential streetwear and skateboarding brands in New York, where she lives, works, and develops her art and is also the brand that got her art to be on the skateboarding map.

She started a relationship with Supreme after she made the first custom decks for Dill, who got her in contact with the company to design a new skateboarding deck for one of their riders, Sean Pablo. The deck was a huge success, and ever since, she has been collaborating with Fucking Awesome, Dills skateboarding brand that even got her to design the board for 2018 Thrasher Skater of the Year Tyshawn Jones.






One Of The Kind Designs

Graphics, especially in pro models are a HUGE deal, the evolution of them has been seen through the years, and nowadays a minimalistic and “artsy” approach is what skaters are looking out the most, which displays a maturity and the evolution of skateboarding itself.

Sei describes her work as bringing graphic and realistic imagery together and her softness and detail of her compositions really have her work standing out from other deck designers out there.

The artist moved to NY over a decade ago with no English skills ad very little monetary resources, she learned most of the SHIT® she knows from the city that took her in while chasing the “American dream”

She got her first big break as a sales associate for Vuitton, but she started from the bottom working waitressing tables and even nail salons but never leaving behind the “hobby” that ended up becoming her lifestyle and that eventually got get involved in some of the highest places in both fashion and skateboarding industry.

It took her over 5 years to be able to become one of LV artisans, those who make exclusive one of the kind paintings and customization of fashion gear such as luggage, her work became so popular that by 2017 she was becoming a permanent regional artisan for New York division, one of the most important ones in the world!

From Tyler, the Creator to A$AP Rocky, there are many famous artists that have purchased her SHIT® over the years, and pro skateboarder Dill saw in her the opportunity to take FA to the next level.

"An artist like Chiharu is so interesting because when you encounter the work she is known for, the Louis Vuitton painted luggage, which is incredible on its own, in itself is a career, but this is a woman that could easily do solo shows with extremely dreamlike landscapes and human interaction that people would be blown away by.” Said Dill about the experience of working with her on the designs of his companies skateboarding decks.

There you have it my dudes and dudettes, as you can see, skateboarding has become a great influence not only in fashion but in the art wold also, and it has been doing it for decades now, everyone wants to get a piece of one of the most interesting and exciting forms of expression in the world! And we should be proud of it.


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