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Check Out The Pacifico Downtown Open Chicago

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


The competition was broadcasted in Transworld Skateboarding and included skaters like TJ Rogers, Chaz Ortiz, Manny Santiago, Ishod Wair, Jamie Foy and Gustavo Ribeiro. Blair Alley was the referee, there was just one rule, to kick and land the trick you had to go for everything.

For them it was pretty good to be there with their friends, skate, have fun all the time and play these games of SKATES wherever they like the most, rails and set stairs. The real rule is to land any trick on the spot and entertain the fans.

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The game was pretty different due the crazy covidness of the year, without crowds and totally private. However, they did it and had this amazing result! The Downtown Open had its first edition this year and gathers action sports in an entertaining and accessible way. "Together with the help of local non-profit partners, Pacifico designed a new touring competition for both the Winter Ski and Summer Skate seasons," the organizer said on its official website.

So, for a big open, this game is now available to all the audience on Transworld Skateboarding, but here we will make a summary of how it was this incredible battle between 6 of the most important skateboarders of all times.







First Battle

The first battle was between Manny Santiago from Puerto Rico and TJ Rogers from Canada. Manny is in the Plan B crew and TJ, in the Wolf Pack crew. Something special in this competition was that in all the battles, organizers put the skaters with different stances, in this case, Manny is Goofy and TJ is Regular so the performance was pretty diverse and awesome.

It starts with the toss of a coin that ends with TJ being the first to go. They start with the basics, TJ put all the tricks and didn't let Manny the chance to try and when Manny tried he couldn't land any trick. On the other hand TJ did pretty good and closed the game with a Back 180 over the rail, which left this game 5 points to Manny and 0 for Rogers.


Second Battle

The second battle was with Felipe Gustavo against Jamie Foy, Jamie is 24 years old from Florida, his stance is Regular and he skates for the New Balance crew. Gustavo is 28 years old and comes from Brazil, his stance is goofy and he belongs to the Adidas crew, both are with Red Bull.

Foy started the game with the basics one as the game progressed they were going up with the level. Foy was kicking the tricks and Gustavo was paying them, it was pretty exciting to see both doing it very well. However, Gustavo didn't get the chance to prove what he had contrary to Jamie who won the battle.


Third Battle

Two clean battles until now, but we had to wait for the last one that was between Ishod Wair and Chaz Ortiz. Wair is from New Jersey, is 28 years old, skates goofy and belongs to the Nike SB Team. Then we had Chaz who has a regular stance, he is 26 years old, from Chicago and skates for DGK Skateboards.

Chaz Began this game, it looks like regular skaters were very lucky with that coin! He starts with a Front Feeble and this battle looks pretty amazing because of these pros. Both have similar and incredible tricks even if one skates goofy and the other one regular. It was pretty hard to put Wair a letter, even though Chaz got it but Ishod gave the fight.






Chaz began to fail so Ishod changed the course of the game to leave it equal again. He started to win, however, both looked pretty fluid and consistent with each trick they kicked. After a long game, Ishod won the battle with a Flip Frontside and the last attempt Back Noseblunt to have a final result of 3 points for Wair and 5 for Chaz.


The Final

Then the three finalists TJ Rogers, Jamie Foy and Ishod Wair had to compete again. The game started in Ishod's favor, with a Nollie Grind and the first point for Rogers. During Ishod's turn, Foy and Rogers got 3 and 3 points with a Five-0 rever, a Flip Frontside over the rail and a Front Tailslide. After this, Wair fails and TJ is next to kick the tricks and gave Ishod the first point and the fourth for Jamie.

This battle was amazing, Rogers, Wair and Foy did great performances, Foy was the first to go out and the winner between these guys was Ishod Wair with a Frontside Heelflip. Pretty amazing to see this kind of thing, skateboarding is so unpredictable but Ishod since the beginning proclaimed himself the winner and that’s how it was.

If this is the first edition, they will have to increase the quality recording these skaters in equal footing, because those who were kicking the tricks on the right rail had the leading role, but when they were skating on the left, tricks didn't look closer and it was hard to focus there, besides that the skater almost falls over the panel hosts and the skaters.

Even though it was an incredible spot, with perfect stairs, rails and the space to pick up speed and be prepared to land the trick, Filmer and hosts were pretty good and the whole ordeal looked like a top contest!


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