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Check Out The Latest Round Of SLS Games

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


SLS is a known competition format, through its transmissions on TV and the Internet since 2009, everyone has kept an eye on everything that happens in this arena. This season has been harder for everyone, including the biggest skateboarding competitions, that's why SLS has made this entertainment project to the enjoyment of their audience.

In the past week, SLS launched its first episode of the SLS Games, a round of three vs three pro skaters. The first one is the Koston Team, which is composed of Eric Koston, Kevin Bradley and Ishod Wair. The second one is the Shane Team, which is composed of Shane O'Neill, Carlos Ribeiro and Robert Neal. 

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They also have two referees, Tony Huffnagle and Spanish Mike, they will have to be there and be on the watch of each detail of the competition. They have qualified, speed, power and agility in the three rounds.

The round one is called Decathlon, the second one is Game of O.U.T., the third one is Stair Down and the final will be The Realy. Until now they published the Decathlon and the second round, Game of O.U.T. “Each round is worth a two-second head start in the final relay”, explained SLS on their social media.


Round One: Decathlon


This category showed three random disciplines, the first one was Balance, the challenge was about how long they can hold a stationary manual, the final was between Shane and Kevin, but close to the 1:20 minutes he failed and O'Neill won with 1 minute and 36 seconds doing the manual.

The second discipline was Agility, in this one, they had to do a hippie jump contest, the rules were that they had just one attempt and the highest jump wins.

Unfortunately, one of the Shane team had to opt-out of this challenge because of his knee, after that Shane failed a Flip and lose, Koston and Ishod were out too so the finish was between Carlos and Kevin, and the winner was Kevin Bradley who was close to getting a world record.

The last discipline was Power and for this they had to throw a skateboard the furthest, the rule was that each competitor just had one toss. Started with Shane who threw the board to 79.2 ft, Ishod 54.5 ft, Robert 32.9, Kevin 44.9 ft, Carlos 72.6 ft, but the victory was to Koston with 90.2 ft.

In this episode, Team Koston won round 1, but the chances to finally win still being uncertain. This is an uncommon contest, SLS stood out with the feeling of enjoymemt and having fun skating but also challenge themselves to do difficult moves and make the games a complete contest.


Round Two: Game of O.U.T


The second round was made to compete in the game of O.U.T., the name that they gave to a short game of skate. As teammates, they will have to win this game and the last team standing will give victory to Shane or Koston team.

This challenge had some rules like each skater got their own set of three letters, the last letter got 2 attempts and each skater must have to attempt the trick.

The game started with Shane O'Neill and his team but for the Koston team, the game started with falls. The first letter was for Koston then Kevin and Ishod. To the Shane team, the first letter was for Eric after Carlos and then Shane.

Kevin was the first one out, the second place was for Eric, Carlos was the third one out and Robert was the fourth. So the Final was between Shane O'Neill and Ishod Wair.





It was a really entertaining game because each trick got harder and both had the chance to win in a lot of times, but the difference between both was that Shane had just a letter and Ishood had two, which left Wair just one chance to win. Finally, Shane won with a 360 flip out.

On the first round, the Koston team won with a 2+ seconds head start for the Final Relay, but with this second round, the Shane team won, which left both teams back to zero, so they have the third round to change the course and decide a winning team.

Definitely, there is a lot of great content to remember how skateboarding essence is. A contest like this SLS Games “A Very Serious Competition” make us be part of the plot, with very dramatic music, SLS showed with its audience an innovative idea to continue wishing skate all days.

By the way, "These world-class athletes are gonna give it all they got in round three", said SLS waiting for this third episode that SLS called the Stair Down, so we will see next week how it was.

It's common to feel uninformed about what's going on around the world with skateboarding, but those kinds of topics put each of us together. We laugh, feel anxious for the next one, we can interact and if you are a Skateboarding lover you will enjoy being part of it from the web connection.


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