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Can You Make a Living as a Skateboarder Without Going Pro?

By Valentina Diaz

V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder, is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


The reason why sport has been so important for humanity is because of the health benefits of each person who does any physical activity. There are so many researchers that confirm how these activities provide good health, not just with normal populations, but also in patients who suffer mental disorders, such as anxiety, stress or depression. 

It means that sports like skateboarding are the best compliment to get over any physical or mental illness. If we make a full view of how skateboarding has been helping people we will see facts that confirm it.

Actually, there are some skateboarding studies about our community. Professionals who have studied this skateboarding phenomenon, behaviors and descriptions of people who belong to this kind of sport, all this from an academic view.

Even with these data, we can see that there still being just a few. It happens because skateboarding still is a “new modality”. No matter what we do, if we decide to change the academic history of skateboarding, we could provide a huge offer of employability for people who want to specialize in skateboarding.






How Can I Connect My Career With Skateboarding?

Photo: Jan Kopriva (Unsplash)

The answer is it might not be easy but with effort we can talk about preparing for it. Skateboarding is a global sport and is full of people who belong to it, people being part of society and keeping a role in it.

We can start thinking that these riders have the same human rights, maybe different tastes, preferences, or ideologies but we, as all riders, have something in common: same skateboarding passion, same feelings about going out and skate.

There are people working behind a great event, a great trick, a big injury, any physical or mental illness, behind the media and research; if we could be as creative as we are, we could connect our professional skills and provide to skateboarding what it needs.

When we skate, we are always trying harder to get over any obstacle, but what about if we perform our knowledge to improve skateboarding in any area.

That’s when we start to connect what we know in different areas where skateboarding will need to improve. Like marketing, sport science, mental health, welfare work, schools, sports administration, managers and more.

We will be part of the skateboarding future if we look for all possible chances to everyone that wants to guarantee a better sport for the new generations.

We can be more resilient, respectfully, supportive, grateful, always be at everyone's disposal to help, teach and learn. And if you see someone you know getting into skateboarding as a profession on the side of the skateboarding itself, applaud them. There are many ways to make a living from skateboarding. Get creative and you might find something that is just right for you.


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