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Buying Guide: Complete or Custom Skateboard?

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Maybe you want to get your first skateboard but can’t make up your mind which one to buy. You even think about buying the deck, wheels, trucks and bearings separately and assembling it yourself. Well, it can be useful to have a better idea of what you should do, and this article will give you a guide about the differences between having a complete or a custom skateboard so that you may pick the best option for you.


Complete Skateboards If You Are a Beginner

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If you’re going to start skateboarding a complete skateboard is a good option. They’re cheaper, and being a beginner you will not feel the difference between them and an expensive one. Sure you are going to make some mistakes choosing wrong sizes of trucks or wheels, but as we said before, if you’re just starting out then you should not be worried about that. Of course we are talking about real skateboards, the toy skateboards you find in supermarkets are not going to work. Nevertheless, there will likely be some negatives of your first purchase, like low quality of components.

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Customizing your Own Skateboard

If you decide to make your own custom skateboard it’s necessary that you make sure all components match (the deck and the truck axles must have the same width). Wheels are the same, you will need to pick some that aren’t too hard or too soft. If you buy a blank skateboard deck, bearings, pair of trucks, a set of wheels, grip tape and a set of spacers, it could cost around 190 EUR or 200 USD. You can get them for less money if you get a deal with the buyer, but make sure you're buying from a reliable place. You don’t want to break something on the first use. In some skateboard shops they assemble the skateboard in case you don’t want to do it yourself.

How To Assemble Your Own Skateboard

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You may already posess skateboard, in that case you can customize some parts of it and start improving it little by little. If you have enough money, start customizing it and you will see the difference (this is best when you had a complete skateboard and realize what you preffer in terms of the hardness of wheels, deck with and type of trucks).

Now you know what to do when selecting a new skateboard or wanting to customize it. There can be a lot of choices, just don’t be cheap about it or you will regret it. As with everything else, you often get what you pay for.



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