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Brujas Crew: A Female Skate Collective

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


This idea started to grow during a summer in New York City. When one of the founders of the crew was with her friends and some guys wanted to film their tricks, the thing was that they only wanted to record themselves. Arianna Gil was surprised of how little her guy friends wanted them to be involved in their skate vids. And she has said that it was because of this type of exclusion that Brujas was created.


The Birth of “Brujas”


This name was influenced by the 1986 video called “Skate Witches”, a trio of punk skater girls. This Crew is interested in spirituality and witchcraft tradition in the culture, so the name is not just because they think it sounds badass. A year after Brujas foundation, a post on Tumblr where they appear, goes viral. Therefore, as if by magic lots of girls headed to the 157th street park, where the crew used to hang out. They wanted to reach a bigger community, so they began to launch caribbean queer parties called “Sucias”. Gil believed in throwing parties as a way of political work.






A Crew Beyond Skateboarding

So as you can see, Brujas is not just a group of female skaters looking to pass time, they are engaging their local community with independent initiatives, holding events that have to do with music, prison abolition, politics and self-defense. They challange what the concept of family should mean, that it is not just your blood line but also the community around you that cares. This crew allows female skaters to be themselves, do anything they want to do without giving a shit of what people may say or think.

Their goal is try to go beyond skating, organize community workshops, legal funds and local art galleries so they can build a rad coalition among youth all over the world. They are a true example that skateboarding can go way further than just the activity of skateboarding itself, and skate crews are just a step away of becoming representatives to their communities.

We honor the work Brujas is doing in New York by writing this article and show our readers their awesome work. If there is a skate crew in your local community, support it, make it grow and it could accomplish crazy things.




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