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The Brilliant Brazillian Eliana Sosco: An Interview

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Eliana Sosco is a pro skateboarder from Sao Paulo, Brazil. She is 33 and have been skating since 2005. Sosco grew up in the east part of Sao Paulo, she describes the place as poor but she had skateparks close to her home, so she learnt to skate there. 

Sao Paulo is known for being the financial center of Brazil, it's one of the most populated cities in the world, it's infrastructure makes it a beautiful place for skateboarding tourism as well. This area has been important to the development of the Brazilian skateboarding community and it's considered the skateboarding capital of Brazil.

The most relevant skateboarding events like Street League, X Games and more have been held in this city, also, skateboarders like Leticia Bufoni or Pamela Rosa came out of this place just like Eliana did.

Eliana has participated in many different competitions but what makes her excel style of skateboarding. Eliana's content on social media is full of lifestyle, her daughter and a whole lot of skateboarding. Currently, she is a girl that Skater XL chose to be the female avatar in the videogame.

She is characterized by being a street skateboarder and her technique to land her favorite tricks like Popshove it, 180 Nosegrinds, Hardflip, Frontside Flip and 360 Flip, all of them executed around different spots in the street or the skatepark.






Eliana Sosco Beginnings


The first skateboarding experience to Eliana was in a private skatepark where she got to borrow a skateboard, that day "I could learn how to drop-in on each ramp, I was so excited about it that I wanted to skate every day", and since 2005 she never stopped to skate.

Months later she got a job in a skateboarding factory and it's owner supported her with skateboarding products, "then I started to participate in contests where I won the first place, which motivated me more. At that point, I began the sponsorships and that's why I decided to focus on skateboarding only", Sosco told in her exclusive interview with SHIT®️ Magazine.

Since Sosco beginnings in skating there weren't that many skater girls in her city, so she used to skate with men until she started attending different contests where she met other girls and began to skate with them, "now there are a lot of talented girls skating and that makes feel so happy" she added.


When Eliana Sosco Turn Into a Pro Skateboarder Girl


In 2017 Eliana traveled to California, to the contest Exposure. She had plans to move there because of her skate career, all the brands that support her were there too. "Getting my own pro model was a surprise to me, it was like a dream come true, it was so nice", Sosco continues.

She was in the contest when Autonomy Skateboards launched her new pro model, in the company of her closest skater girls friends like Nora Vasconcellos and Vanessa Torres, a moment that was completely special to her.

"Thank you God for letting my dream come true and to all the people that have been supporting me all this time and thank you to all the girls that shared this special moment in my life, I can't be more stoked on my new board", said Eliana Sosco on her Instagram profile, after she received the news and support of her closest skater girls friends.

Now Eliana has seven pro models under her name, which is great news for the entire female community. She also spent some time living in California enjoying the climate, skateparks, and skate scene together with her family.


What is the Most Important to Eliana Sosco in Skateboarding?


To Eliana, the competitions have been important to help her establish a name for herself and inspire her to reach more of her potential as a skater, but now Sosco sees skateboarding in another way, where she is focused on enjoying, having fun and support others.

She recognizes the company of her family, friends and special people who have always have been there like Micaela from Poseiden Foundation, "She has given and supported me a lot", Eliana added.

It's important to highlight that at 33 years old, she has gotten to live many beautiful experiences like becoming a mom, where the connection between her and her daughter has been important, she tells us:

"I think that after I had my daughter I was more interested in my skateboard, I even started to skate better, I wanted to achieve more challenges, and she is always inspiring and giving me force to continue skating".

Eliana shares for all the people interested in this sport to "never stop to skate, it made my dreams came true, it took me to places that I never imagined, It also gave pride to my family, and the most important, always skate for love and fun, that’s what all this is about."

It is so nice to meet brilliant people like Eliana who cares about the community, she has been inspiring other girls for more than 10 years, and as a mom, she is giving a clear message that girls can do anything they want.



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