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BRIGHT: Top Skateboarding and Fashion Event In Berlin

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Bright was born in Frankfurt back in 2005 where 50 brands from the skateboarding and streetwear field attracted 500 visitors. Five years later after gaining much recognition in both the skateboarding and fashion industry, the trade show moved to Berlin, featuring 250 brands and attracting 5,000 visitors in the former Stasi congress center. After a stopover at the Kaufhaus Jahndorf in Berlin’s Mitte district, Bright moved to the Arena Berlin venue for its summer ‘15 edition, during which it was also announced that Bright was merged with the Premium Group to become SEEK.

The main focus of the event will continue to be the same: urban culture, urban fashion and its latest trends. The 2016 summer exhibit (and the last as Bright tradeshow) showcased labels like OBEY, Burton, Carhartt and many more for the delight of buyers and press at the Arena Berlin.


A Celebration for Fashion and Skateboarding

Photo: Allie Smith (Unsplash)

The 3 day-long event in which visitors were able to participate in numerous activities and workshops related to skateboarding and street fashion, also featured an indoor skatepark designed by Adidas Skateboarding and Skatedelux for the enjoyment of both professional and enthusiast skateboarders invited to the event.

The event also displays skateboarding influences in art and social movements providing a space to create awareness. A clear example was the successful expo with pieces donated for the preservation of the “Southbank” which was created by ONG Long Live Southbank which raised funds for this cause and it showed over 5 decades of history from this London’s emblematic skateboarding spot! or the showcase by illustrators Clara Knör y Laura Kaczmarek “Empowering Women in Skateboarding” displaying the female role in the scene.



The event is not focusing right now only in skateboarding fashion but streetwear trade and fashion in general, however, a selection of the Bright brands will be incorporated into Seek with the aim to keep the spirit that has driven the event for the past 13 years as was stated by the Premium Group. If the core Bright brands will be integrated as own skate/streetwear segment on the Seek floor or if there will be a dedicated extra space remains to be seen.

“The Premium Group prides itself on continuously developing and redefining concepts. Skateboarding is both a community-driven niche sport and – from 2020 – an Olympic discipline. We have noticed that the community’s values, culture and speech are changing globally and our work aims to present this diversity in the appropriate context," said Anita Tillmann, managing partner of the Premium Group.






Thomas Martini one of the original managers and creative directors of the BRIGHT format. expressed that he would still like to organize the European Skateboard Awards, taking place each winter season which has been under the guidance of BRIGHT for over 6 years, demonstrating that the heart and the main goal of the event once called BRIGHT was and will continue to be in his eyes the way to support skateboarding community in Germany and all over the world, the basis of industry, skateboarding, art, and music will continue to be the may goal for Martini.

Last events from now called SEEK have still featured The logo-loaded skateboarding sportswear category but it is clear that it is no longer focused in this market since brands that embody the retro sportswear style like Helly Hansen, Fila, Kappa, Criminal Damage, Homeboy among others, are given a large area for display in current events.


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