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Bob Burnquist: The Desert Eagle

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


A lifetime is needed if you want to tell the tale of Bob Burnquist’s life. So, let’s make things a bit easier for us mortals who really don’t have much time on Earth. For the legend that is Bob Burnquist will live on, at least for a long time after we’re gone. Most stories start with a beginning but we will start ahead of it, right where he’s holding the title of being one of the most gracious and virtuoso pro skaters in all skateboarding history, earning the admiration of both fans and other skillful colleagues. From a half pipe to a mega ramp, from a vast lake to the Grand Canyon, and from the soaring skies to the desert’s sand dunes: this is the mountain that is the tip of Bob Burnquist life and career.


Notorious Achievements: Land and Air Master

Photo: Eric Tyler (Unsplash)

After winning 30 medals (14 golden, 8 silver and 8 bronze) at the X Games, an historical and unprecedent record of most medals won by a man in all X Games categories since 1997 to his retirement from it in 2015, he thought he had proven himself enough and decided to live as an earthling; sort of. Years earlier he made a mega ramp that crossed the top of the Grand Canyon to bomb drop it to approximately 2600ft. He’s jump into the void was made possible by his skateboard, skills courage, and a parachute that glided him to the bottom. He also skateboarded a floating ramp in Lake Tahoe, a modern wonder of the skateboarding world, proving that his amphibious nature is unquestionable.






The King of Skate and Laureus Awards winner has a recurring hobby of journeying into the desert, where he and some friends hang around trying to skateboard rocky formations, hills and even sand dunes. It seems like there’s no terrain that has been left untainted by the wheel print of Burnquist’s deck. He also, to cope with time and chill, directs his own webseries called ‘Dreamland’, where he shows his tricks and training in his own personal skateboard park, while having featured appearances and visits of other great pro skaters. To put the cherry on the top, he is a pioneer of the ‘corkscrew’, a rare piece trial at his complete disposition in one of his spots.


The Burnquist 900 Legacy

Photo: Tyler Stephens (Unsplash)

Burnquist was born in Rio de Janeiro and grew up in Sao Paulo before moving to the States. He has both citizenships and has always a home regardless which of his parent’s countries he’s in. It was in the US however where he became well known for being on the first (if not the first) pro skater to perform and achieve a fakie 900 on a mega ramp. He, along side Tony Hawk, are the undisputed masters of 900, being Burnquist style unique and even daring for trying both mega ramps and quarter pipes to get air (Article to top 10 tricks).

Much can be still said of his life and career, but we’re running out of time. Time however does not tick the same for Bob Burnquist, for at his 43 years he is still dominating from a slowly paced retirement. What he had left behind is not just memories and a stack of medals and trophies, or even a vast video clips collection and mediatic information; he left a legacy that will endure any cosmic time-space rip, as he endured many of the terrains seemingly inhospitable for skateboarders, but not for the ever free desert eagle.



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