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Black Skaters Matters in Chicago

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


FroSkate is located in Chicago and started in 2019 when a girl who was starting to skate didn't want to do it alone. That's when Karlie Thornton got the idea of a crew with girls who wanted the same as her.

Chicago is one of the most lively cities in the USA, its architecture, skyscrapers, buildings, development and beautiful landscapes have made this place a dream to live in. Skateboarding there is constantly growing with skateparks like Grant Park, Logan Square Park, Burnham Park, La Villita and more to help this place maintain its skateboarding scene.



As a result of collective work, FroSkate "exists to provide safe-space and resources for the underrepresented skate community. We center Black, Indigenous + POC skaters in the femme, Trans + GNC community, and believe in gathering together because “falling is easier with friends” who look like you," the crew said on its Instagram profile.

However, they talk to these specific features but everyone can join it, the crew doesn't discriminate against no one. These girls really want to provide encouragement and be supportive in skateboarding and do what really matters, improve their skills and help each other out.






Due to the enormous community support, the crew is constantly generating content on social media, there FroSkate posts meetups, events and social activites, depending on the place where they are.

Thus, its first post on Instagram began saying: "We’ve all been in love with skateboarding since a young age, but share the same story. We were never encouraged to try it, thought it wasn’t for us, and never had the guts to get out there and just learn", that's why girls like Bri, Maya and Karlie decided to offer a safe place in Chicago.



Since that day things changed and the public space did too, "just being able to see diversity really start to increase in skating has been super sick. FroSkate, I mean, we started just maybe 3-5 people skating with us. And now it has grown to over 50 people," Karlie said to Red Bull.

A homogeneous community, as they say, is working collectively and we know how this year has developed including Floyd's case that empowered more black people to fight for their rights which was an excellent chance for this organization to provide their help from skateboarding.

"They've organized some protests, pop-up skate parks, mural reveals and movie nights in the park so far and are hosting a "mural skate" and "skate-in theater" next Saturday," Eyewitness News said on their news where Karlie was invited.

By now the crew is 8 amazing girls, they also receive support to continue teaching skateboarding and this day they will do it again, so don't miss this call to be there together and offer a time to do a skate mural and different skateboarding activities after this, everyone can be there for free.

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