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Best Sites To Learn How To Skate Online

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


The internet is an amazing resource full of information to learn almost anything you want! From a language to just straight up helping you with work and school duty! Skateboarding has an advantage, there are hundreds of websites dedicated to skateboarding and skateboarding only, where you can learn from the basics to the most advanced SHIT® out there!

Here are a few sites you should be definitely checking out if you are begging to skate or even if you already have advanced skills and want to get some insight on things and tricks you don’t quite get yet, let’s check them out!


Braille Skateboarding

This is basically what these guys do for a living, to teach people how to skate! founded by Aaron Kyro in 2007, this has become one of the most popular skateboarding sites out there, mostly because of its value to the always growing skateboarding community across the world!

As soon as you go into their site, the main screen will welcome you with a “learn how to skateboard challenge” which basically states their purpose in the web, Arong strongly believes that in order to keep skateboarding alive, more and more kids need to be interested and start doing it, and he and the braille team are there to help out become this a reality.

Braille gets its name from what Kyro describes as the feeling skateboarders get when riding their boards and achieving new tricks, its a wordplay of how skateboarders use the phrase “I’m feeling it” while getting in full on skateboarding mood, and if you think about it, it is also a good way to express how skateboarding, much like braille (The way blind people are able to read) its a language on its own!






Skateboarding Made Simple

It all begun with a series of youtube videos called “skateboarding made simple” in which Kyro himself will teach you the basics of skateboarding including tricks and even the physics that come with it, all in a very entertaining chilled out way that will most likely keep you hooked after a couple of videos! It’s safe to say that the site and the project are more intended for those who really just came out of their skateboarding shell. More experienced skaters will surely not be entertained by something such as “How to push on your board” or “The top 5 easiest skateboarding tricks” wich are areally the fundamental bases of skateboarding these guys are trying to get across.

However, the crew also became pretty popular on the web through their “We Skate Everything” series which could be more of your appeal if you are already deep into skating! these guys will literally skate anything fans suggest on their youtube channel, from skating a broken IPad to a 100% glass skateboard! The videos are really fun to watch and you cant imagine the kinds of crazy SHIT® these guys will put trucks and wheels to and SKATE!

Along with Virtual Skateboard Lessons, Private Skate Lessons, and even a “skateboard university,” this is probably one of the best sites you definitely need to check out if you just now are getting into skateboarding!



Since 2004, skatedeluxe has been one of the most prominent skate shops in Europe and their website contains many useful tips for you to be able to complete those tricks you have been struggling for a while now. This is definitely a site you want to check out if you have been skating for a while and just want to get some tips on how to clean up and improve the motions that make a certain trick.






The Skatedeluxe Wiki

Includes plenty of information, from a skate obstacle guide if you are uncertain about the name of certain obstacles to a history of skateboarding tab for you to have a quick look at the backgrounds of skateboarding.


Skateboard Trick Tips

The most valuable resource of this website if you are looking to learn a thing or two! step by step videos and even animated gifs showing the motions of each trick will be of great help if you are looking to get some insight, they not only cover flat ground, but also curbs, rails, and transition tricks tips.

Divided in beginner, advanced, and expert, each guide will also help you to know your limits and give you a structure on what to follow next after you complete a certain trick! From ollies to hardflips, these guys will definitely give you a hand in your skateboarding learning process!



Another good option for beginners, this site will help you know from how to difference a skateboarding stance, push on your skateboard, and even a few tips on the safety gear you would be looking to get if you are afraid of getting hurt.

The site no only includes info on skateboards but also longboards, cruisers, and even snowboards if that’s your thing! Hats of to these guys who renounced to a 9 to 5 job to dedicate to boarding sports 24/7!



It is not possible to leave the most famous and biggest video streaming platform out of these recommendations, youtube tutorials have been trending topics for a while now! For skateboarding, it has meant the world! Name any famous skateboarding related publication or platform out there and they have a youtube channel!

You can search almost anything related to skateboarding and you WILL find a video result, Only by searching “How To Ollie” you will find thousands of videos in which a dedicated YouTuber will teach you how to ollie, it doesn’t matter your language, you will probably find someone in your country or city with a skateboarding channel willing to teach you from the very basics to the hardest tricks!

You will also find the vast majority of both independent and sponsored skate videos which are also a great way to learn! The hell! You could even create your own skate video and upload it for free for millions around the world to watch!
One (and probably the only one) of the disadvantages is that there WILL be too many results and you might struggle to find the right quality material to learn.



ARTICLE CONTINUES AFTER ADVERTISEMENTAksel Sørum Professional Skateboarder from Norway



SHIT® Skateboard Company

Not to brag, but our online platform is one of the most completes out there! With the best updated online content EVERY DAY, something you can hardly find from any other skateboarding related websites out there.

With us, you will be able to learn from the very basics to the most advanced skateboarding skills in full-length articles that contain all of the information necessary for you to grasp and take out to the streets!

Anywhere from our Skateboarding Buyers Guide, that will teach you how to buy a skateboard, we go in deep in every single detail of how each one of the parts of a skateboard works in full harmony to provide you with the joy of skateboarding! In detail articles that will teach you how to choose and apply from your grip tape to your bearing and all in between!

Our site has been denominated as one of the go-to sites for both beginners and experienced skateboarders looking on a full immersive skateboarding experience, our Youtube channel also contains all of the best tips and tutorials on how to make tricks, maintain your skateboard and much more!

The worldwide skateboarding history is what we are trying to tell, so you will also be able to learn the backgrounds which are essential to be part of the skateboarding culture and being able to skate!

There you have it my dudes and dudettes! Keep in mind that skateboarding is learned on the streets, however, we do need to take to our advantage the digital era we are living in! and these sites that could be the life long companion of your skateboarding history! Wich sites do you recommend? We would love to read your insights!


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