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Aurélien Giraud’s Hardflip at MACBA

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Photo: SHIT®  Magazine


Aurélien Giraud

Stance: Goofy

Age: 22

Country: Lyon, France

Instagram: @aureliengiraud

Sponsors: Nike SB, Plan B, SkullCandy, Haze Wheels, Independent, Wall Street Skate Shop

The Museu d'Art Contemporani of Barcelona AKA MACBA was witness of one of the coolest moments in recent skateboarding history, back in April a bunch of skateboarders gathered in the iconic spot to obviously pull of some tricks and a video surfaced on YouTube specifically showing this magnificent event in which Giraud played the main role.

The “MACBA life” YouTube channel uploaded the video on April 22nd and it is no longer than 2 minutes but basically shows the french pro skater killing the feared MACBA big gap which is one referred to as one of the most dangerous spots to skate due to its height!






The Spot

MACBA has been the go to spot in Spain for skaters all over the world, it is funny how in the short video, you can actually see some pros just standing there and watching Aurélien like its no big deal. Apart from the perfect marble floor a super long ledge, 5 stair, a big 3 block and some other very skatable obstacles, this is one of the things that draws people from all over the world to skate and at MACBA, you could just randomly run into your favorite pros and share a session with them!

Some people tend to say that the spot is overrated and that it wouldn't be so popular if famous skaters did not meet there, we think that's exactly the point of the spot apart from just being amazing to skate, just don't listen to that BS and if you have a chance to ever visit it, lucky you!


The Trick

It's a combination between a Frontside Pop Shove-It and a Kickflip. The name speaks for itself, HARDflip so this is not something you could get in a day or two, even a pro like Giraud struggled to be able to get it, but in this particular spot the trick could have an increased amount of difficulty, the whole situation is insane, you can see the police arrive at the spot due to the gathering and you can see Giraud slamming the floor again and again while attempting to get the trick.

This place is usually very “skate friendly” but due to current world events or the massive amount of people that gathered, the police arrived, at first trying to get all the skaters off the spot which did not stop Giraud, this caused the police officers to become part of the audience and standing there to contemplate what everyone was expecting! After a few attempts Giraud pulled off this amazing SHIT® and the entire MACBA roared in a big cheer for the french pro whom we are sure will go back to the spot to get better footage of the trick!

There you have it my dudes and dudettes, big inspirational move! Nothing is impossible in skateboarding and this time, even the cops joined the celebration of it, we expect that this is the way to go in the future and we will be there when the SHIT® happens.




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