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Aspotogan: 5 Star Skateboarding Experience

 By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


The Aspotogan Sea Spa, once designed to be a luxury hotel by Brigitta Hennig and Wolfgang Spiegelhauer back in the 1990s, was located in the Aspotogan Peninsula, Nova Scotia, Canada. The scenery of the place was and still is something straight out of a movie wich mesmerized the two german siblings into the ambitious project.

Unfortunately, the construction was stopped after a few years of construction when the developers were not able to get more funds to finance the project, leaving behind a halfway hotel building abandoned for two decades until its demolition in 2016.

But before that happened, “The Last Resort” expedition, created a skateboarding paradise and a video graphic gem of the place.






Once In a Lifetime Opportunity

Back in 2014, Ryan Decenzo, TJ Rogers, Joe Brezinski, Cody Lockwood, Nate Lacoste, Nick Moore, and Cam Schuster were some of the lucky dudes that got a chance to visit this enigmatic structure and took into their hands the task to modify some of the 54.000 square feet the hotel had to offer for their enjoyment!

It is not a surprise that this was a spot scouted for years for this purpose, skaters have been known for taking over abandoned spaces and even to-be-demolished structures to skate on! From waterparks to warehouses, as long as there is a smooth ground to ride on, skaters are most likely to make it their playground.


Brought Back To Life By The Best

Legendary park builders “the Zenga Brothers” along with the help of some of the best skaters in the USA, took the long smooth concrete hallways, rails, stairs, and created more obstacles to create a skateboarding paradise that stood up until its demolition day.

Long hours of hard DIY work from the dudes, blood, sweat, and tons of concrete. Gigantic rooms connected by smooth hallways became long skate lines through the structure that provided plenty of room to build obstacles from reusing abandoned materials found around the building, materials abandoned the same day the workers left the site.

It is amazing to see what these dudes were able to accomplish in this forsaken place that is now subdivided into private residential lots but it was once a skateboarding paradise.

The process was recorded with the best quality equipment to bring to the masses “The Last Resort” a skateboarding video that truly captures the beauty and mystery of the once called Aspotogan Sea Spa.DIY philosophy keeps on proving of being fundamental in the skateboarding scene, a skater will not be stopped when he gets his mind into skating a particular spot!

There you have it my dudes and dudettes, make sure to check out the full video in the link below and let us know what you think! do you know any other spots that could be turned into a skatepark?




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