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Armando Elías: Skater and Doctor Fighting The Coronavirus

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Armando has been skating for 16 years now and while he has been juggling his dream career with skateboarding, he is currently facing mixed emotions (as any other professional dealing with coronavirus) about his line of work, on one hand, he feels completely proud to be doing this amazing labor, and on the other, he faces concerns with the fact that he needs to be in contact with both patients and his family.

The 30-year-old skater said in an interview with local Salvador newspaper “El Grafico” how he always finds the time in between his work and study schedules to be able to skate for an hour or two a day, even if it means replacing a couple of sleep hours in order to be able to do so!





He is not only what is called “the front line” since he is a part of the group of medical professionals who fight coronavirus directly, deal with infected patients and assists in their recovery, he is also a volunteer in this fight! He is currently going through his last year at medical school and decided that it was a time to put all of his knowledge and endurance to the test. He states that people need to appreciate the work of the entire medical teams across the world and not only those on the front line, Armando said to El Grafico:

“I consider all health personnel to be the first line, no matter what they do, from the cleaning staff to the doctor who is in the hospital. We are all on the front line ”
He mentions how reactions can be mixed with people around him once they find out he is not only a doctor but also an avid skateboarder! His favorite skating spot is a basketball court that's located in the recreational area of the hospital he works with, he claims that he even gets a lot of funny looks and people don't believe he is a doctor just for the fact that he skates.


Inspiration On Wheels

He is fighting hard to defy all of the stereotypes people have regarding skateboarders, he states that the fact he loves skateboarding doesn't mean he or anyone else that skates doesn't have any other professional aspirations.
“I can make a big list with all of the professionals in this sport that even if they just have a highschool degree, they have the dream to become professionals and I hope they are able to achieve it. I hope there is another skateboarding doctor like me in the future, I don't want to be the only one” Said Armando.


Stay Home And Skate Home

Armando sent a message to the skateboarding community in his country that can also be translated to all of us across the globe, a message of awareness and commitment to this cause:

“Let’s stay home and don’t go out for pleasure, let’s take preventive measures, wash our hands, not touch our faces and keep our distance. Better safe than sorry, We are going to skate again, but if we do not follow the preventive measures, this will lengthen more." Wise words from a wise man!

Armando is just one of many other skaters out there making the world a better place, truly an inspiration and a role model for all of us, and as he said, we need to follow preventive measures and this SHIT® will be over before we know it! Stay safe and #SkateAtHome my dudes and dudettes.



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