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ANTS - America's Next Top Skater

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Braille Skateboarding was founded in 2005 by Aaron Kyro from San Francisco. It's a company with a purpose and a missions statement that says: Skateboarding is for everyone. It has been working to share this sport with new people and give skateboarders a chance to grow as well.

The founder is a professional skateboarder himself and he loves to teach what he knows about how to skate on a board. With brilliant excecution, the company has gotten more than recognized and as of today has more than 800 thousand followers online that support what this brand does.






What’s Happening With This New Contest?

In the wake of coronavirus, we've seen a wave of virtual contests that let skateboarders get known and allow them to keep working on their careers online. That's why Braille decided to launch America’s Next Top Skater. A contest made to share what skaters do and reward them for their talent.

America’s Next Top Skater consists of gathering enough votes from fans on the official page of the contest. Each skater will have to get votes but not just that, they also have to be voted by the judges who will have enough votes to decide who will win. "For every round, it’s up to you to collect your own votes from your friends, family and network by sharing your personal entry link," the organizers said on their website at

The judging panel is composed of professional skateboarders, Aaron Kyro (Braille), Andy Anderson from Canada and Jason Park from Hawaii. They are definitely a pretty good fit to judge a competition like this that as of now have 140 contestants, a number that will be reduced as the contest unfolds.

The competition started in August and will last until October 19. During the competition skaters had to go through a first, second and third round due to huge participation. They are competing to be part of the top 10 list of skaters that are going to compete in the Braille house.

The 1st place in the online contest will be rewarded with a cash prize of $3,500 USD, the second spot $1,500 USD, and the third wins $500 USD. There is also a giveaway for the ones who have been participating but only for those located in the United States.

This month the 3rd round was held, and yesterday a preliminary list for the semi-finals was launched. Competitors are divided into 5 groups, each one with at least 8 or 9 riders. "Public voting will determine five (5) winners from each semi-finals group that will advance into the finals," organizers explained.

Finally, the contest will be concluded at the end of October when the judges will choose who will win. "The judge votes will help reduce the 25 finalists to the 10 winners of the Competition," they added.


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