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Andrew Reynolds: Finding Sobriety in Skateboarding

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Andrew Reynolds was born June 6, 1978, He is an American professional skateboarder that emerged in the skateboarding scene in the early 1990s when he received a call from Tony Hawk to join his team in Birdhouse, from then on all exploded into a life of fame, money, and excess.

He first picked up a skateboard when he was 9 years old. He was influenced by Powell videos at a very early age and shortly after he moved from Florida to Huntington Beach, California to focus on skating, he recalls how different things were back then and how he followed what he called “the skater-punk-loser” lifestyle where a bunch of kids just sat down in an empty parking lot to drink beer, smoke weed and just hang out. Shortly after he started seeing skaters becoming huge figures in the sport, getting sponsors and money and thought to himself that that was the direction he wanted to take, to be able to live from skating every day!

His ambition became real once he started featuring in skateboarding videos for the best skateboarding crews in the US, He was given bit parts in the films due to a massive display of skill and style that helped him stand out from other skaters and was able to be on some of the most influential tapes of that decade such as Transworld Skateboarding: 4 Wheel Drive, Airwalk: Skateboarding Video 96 and Birdhouse: The End (1998) to name a few.


The Downfall and Rise

Photo: Mikael Cho (Unsplash)

After gaining fame and recognition in the skateboarding world, Reynolds recognizes that he was done with the partying and drugs from his early teenager days up until his late twenties that had caused him to get in trouble with the law several times. This made him attempt to get sober several times and with different methods but it wasn’t until he met the right people and started attending meetings (AA/NA) That he realized that he had to get his SHIT together if he wanted to continue skateboarding and get successful at it since in his early binge drinking days he was barely able to ride a board.






He left Birdhouse in 2000 to start his own skating company alongside Jay Strickland; which was called Baker, you might have heard of it, HAHA! Yeah, it’s HUGE! He eventually got sober and even quit smoking cigarettes after his daughter was born.

He even expresses concern about how early skateboarding might have influenced a new generation of kids all over the world to follow the crazy lifestyle he was shown in his teenage years and keeps committed to change the point of view and mainstream media outlook on the skateboarding lifestyle.


Emerica and The Boss


Reynolds has released thirteen, that’s right kids, not one or two but THIRTEEN signature shoe models with Emerica: The Reynolds 1, The Reynolds 2, The Reynolds 3, The Boss, The Reynolds Light, The AR Slim, Reynolds Cruisers, The Reynolds Classics, The Reynolds, The Reynolds low, the Reynolds Low Vulc, the Reynolds 3 G6 and the Reynolds G6.

In recent years he was featured in Bakers - “Baker 4” (2019) and my dudes and dudettes, he still got it! Go check that SHIT® out NOW!



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