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American Skateboarding and It’s influence in Politics

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


The United States is about to choose a new president. Since Trump was elected in 2016, he has been considered a dangerous influence on US democracy. Thus, the initiative to empower skateboarders during these elections has been vital.

If people don’t take action, the chain of bad events is not likely to be broken. Although some Americans are of the view that each candidate is worse than the other, people need to do something to change the direction for the whole nation. Organizations like Skate To The Polls or Skaters Vote have worked hard to increase the ratio of voters.

The president is elected every four years in November, chosen on an assembly of 538 electors. This means that when a person is voting for a candidate, they are giving the right to their state representative to elect the new president in the Electoral College.







The Electoral College is established by the US Constitution for the sole purpose of electing the president and vice president. To be elected, the new president will need 270 votes, the half plus one (269+1=270). 4 years ago, Trump was elected with 304 votes; the candidate with the second-highest votes was Hillary Clinton with 227 votes.

As you can see, skateboarding is more than having fun; it is also being part of enormous actions that will result in positive changes in some way. Putting this in numbers, more than 3 million skaters are able to vote in this election.

Evidently, the number of people who skate and could go to the polls is huge. In some way, there are chances to make a difference since skateboarding communities are an integral part of this democratic state.


Skate To The Polls Project

Skate To The Polls is a Californian movement, "a non-partisan movement to involve skateboarders in local and national politics," it says on its Instagram account. In words like, "We are out here; we are the people," "We're a new generation. My voice matters," "I'm excited for the youth. I'm excited for the future," this movement inspires people to go out and vote.

The project was launched in September. Since then, many skateboarders began to join this initiative. Through this project, skaters are able to have enough information about the upcoming election and US politics in general.


It has been supported by some pros like Tony Hawk and stores to provide quality information, tips, toolkits to share and to know how to get involved in this historic event. As the movement said, "We’re on the precipice of the first-ever nationwide rally to bring the skaters of America together for one huge moment at the polls this November."

In this project, you can see The Gnar Gnar Honeys, "a female creative collective amplifying diversity and representation behind and in front of the lens." With their audiovisuals and photography, the movement got to send the message effectively.



According to what Skate To The Polls is saying through skateboarding philosophy, skaters can teach the world: "Overcoming obstacles," "what's your stance? Vote for people that will listen to your insight about the city and choose to act," "being resilient, we are used to falling, repeatedly, but we learn and adapt until we land it and then focus our energy on a new trick. This is the kind of attitude we need in politics!" That’s the message of the project.

Be part of the change. Choose who is better for you, and don't forget that transportation is not an excuse when you have a skateboard at home and friends with the same conditions. Remember to register first in your state, look for the closest poll, and skate there to vote!


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