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Aaron “Jaws” Homoki: King Of The Road

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine. 


Born February 1990 in Phoenix Arizona, he is one of the “new school” guys that started skating in the late 90’s to become a prominent figure of the new wave!

He is famous for his skills when it comes to dropping from insanely high drops and being able to jump incredibly large gaps although the humble dude tells people and actually believes that he is “not able to pop an Ollie very high” like some skaters that only have half the pop this guy has!!

He has accumulated a massive amount of following due to appearances in skateboarding videos in the 2000’s when his skills were not even as awesome as they are now!


Jaws and Trasher

One of his biggest accomplishments has been to win the Trasher’s King of The Road competition not one or two, but FOUR times. This competition have had some of the biggest names in street skateboarding attend and Jaws once won being a “mystery guest” in 2012 and 3 other times up until 2015! So yeah, this guy got the title 4 years in a row, talk about skills! He didn’t get the tittle next year but made the cover of the magazine by landing one of the most insane tricks in a very feared spot: He managed an Ollie melon grab in a FREAKING 25 STAIRCASE!! Please kids look it up and see for yourselves that crazy SHIT®️ the guy is able to do!



Jaws' Other Achievements

He has been a very noticeable skateboarder in recent X Games history, just the fact that a skater gets to participate means insane skills and the guy has been part of it over 6 times, he also won the bronze in 2014, silver medal in 2012 and came in 3rd in the X Games game of SKATE! The guy is almost always on the top 10 in these competitions so you might figure the level of skill he is able to pull off.

He is also a featured playable character in Tony Hawk’s pro skater 5 which is what we think is one of the main achievements a skateboarder can have, almost like getting your own signature deck or shoe!






Skateboarding Video Features

Peter Vlad's Wonderful Horrible Life (2007)

A Happy Medium (2008)

Birdhouse it's always sunnies in Australia (2009)

Ipath Promo (2009)

Ipath Search and Enjoy Tour (2011)

A Happy Medium 2 (2011)

The Other Ones (2011)

Thrasher King Of The Road 2012 (2013)

Bones New Ground (2013)

A Happy Medium 3 (2014)

Dekline True Blue (2014)

Software Hardware v1.0 (2016)

Birdhouse Saturdays(2017)

A Happy Medium 4 (2018)

Birdhouse Beautiful Mutants (2019)


“Jaws” Attacks!


Be careful dude! HAHA! Just kidding, you might think to yourself “this guy must be a pretty savage dude to be called Jaws” right? Fun fact, he is actually a really chill and mellow dude and he is also known for displaying his chillaxed style while skateboarding! The reason goes way deeper than that! He didn’t go crazy and kill a bunch of sailors on a boat and he is not faster than a swimming shark while on his board! He is actually called Jaws because he had braces growing up! HAHA! He got stuck with the nickname for his delight because it does sound pretty bad ass!!

There it is! This guy will give us much more to talk about in the future so you better keep an eye on Jaws!!


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