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A World Skate Contest To Donate 100,000 Skateboards

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Despite all of 2020's disadvantages, Poseiden Foundation, together with The Berrics, felt more empowered to make "United We Sk8" and decentralized their events to give the world skaters a chance to be a part of it. Instead of just creating a contest, both organizations applied a double-purpose to share skateboarding with more people.

This campaign aims to "raise awareness of at-risk youth and homeless children and to change the mindset of society." In that way, fortifying the bond between skaters and the social project, they have been skateboarding for the benefit of those kids.

Poseiden Foundation aims to give 100,000 skateboards to at-risk youth and reach out to 650,000 at-risk females in the USA and internationally. "Our vision behind “United We Sk8” is that together we can create a better future for our youth, and in turn, we will make a positive impact and change the world!" the female organization said.






United We Skate is part of their 12th annual meetup, Ladies Day, but this time, it is going to be different. It will be a classical Game of S.K.A.T.E. where 16 girls per continent, invited for by organizers, have competed through a video call.

Under the Olympic format, just 5 continents could participate, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and North and South America. What has made this event so special is to see all these girls meeting each other and competing to represent their continent.

It will be goofy vs regular stances. When all the girls have achieved their results, there are going to be 6 finalists which means a big final representing the whole world through The Berrics’ channel.

During this month, the organization has held the qualifiers to choose the finalists. Until now, more than 40 countries have been in competition, including Uruguay, Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Norway, Russia, Finland, Serbia, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, and many more.

The news of each continent appears daily on its official Instagram account, and if you want to see the summary, you can pay attention to where and how to get the games.

Through all these years, Poseiden has tried to do the best for the community. Without any doubt, this is going to be beneficial for all those kids. This project will inspire all the leaders and riders to continue providing a better place where skateboarding could be done, resulting in real happiness for those who need it the most.


Providing Skateboarding Opportunities to Everyone

Poseiden Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has been working for the skater girls’ community and their wellbeing around the world to offer more chances to "enhance the quality of life and create positive outlets for youth in the United States, Latin America, and globally," says Poseiden on its official site.

This work began in 2005 when Micaela Ramirez joined with Stephanie Pasakarnas to create the Poseiden Foundation to change the lack of support and little inclusion of females in the skateboarding industry. Those girls had the wishes to see the female community strong and increasing, and so they made it.

Since skateboarding began, girls were underestimated by guys, and during the 80s, 90s, 2000... gifted women skaters weren't supported by sponsorships, and they couldn't dream of living off skateboarding because there was almost nothing for them. Thankfully, organizations like Poseiden gave them hope and worked hard to bring a change.

"The infrequent sponsorship from endemic brands, along with the lack of competitive outlets and community support, meant fewer opportunities for competition, sponsorship, connection with peers, and the potential to win monetary prizes and recognition," the female organization said.

As a part of Poseiden's impact, as the team highlighted, "by drawing many local, national, and international media channels, they were able to showcase the progression of females in skateboarding as well as community giving," which pushed amazing skater girls like Jen O'Brien and the activist/entrepreneur Angela Rabreau to be part of the movement.

Consequently, the nonprofit organization has traveled around the world during the last decade. It has carried skateboarding to everyone, especially those who needed most. Thanks to Poseiden Foundation, lots of countries began to experience female participation, and a lot of girls began to work on their own skateboarding projects.

"Always focused on the inherent empowerment of action sports, paired with raising awareness by breaking geographical, racial, and socio-economic barriers through their Humanitarian Outreach programs," Poseiden Foundation promised.






In that way, the female collective is providing the girls with a chance for empowerment together with the skate community. Through constructive spaces, events, and social work, teamwork brought development and inspiration to dream about having a life doing skateboarding, even being "girls".

This organization has helped kids to overcome any difficulty and has given them a skateboard to start skating and exploring a new environment. If that little kid is good and finds a passion there, it will be part of the best sport ever.

"Through empowerment, love, and support, we change the mindset of society by raising awareness of at-risk youth and homeless children within our community," Poseiden explained.


Two Decades of Alliances and Teamwork

Poseiden's events have been hugely successful, thanks to its dual-purpose, where skater girls are given chances to win competitions and participate in different events. Besides giving the whole community the same help, they provide chances to those who probably don’t have any.

Once Poseiden decided its purpose, a history of contests began. The NGO didn't work alone; it always worked as a support network to connect with different projects and make events even bigger.

The first Poseiden contest was a Game of S.K.A.T.E in the USA (2008) where boys and girls could participate.

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🏆 One more place was defined to close the quotas for the final on the European continent: the meeting was between Charlotte Hym from France 🇫🇷 and Ralitsa Chimshirova from Bulgaria 🇧🇬. 😜 The French, a great connoisseur of these skateboarding games 🛹 did not miss any opportunity to create tricks and that is how @charlotte_hym kept this game 👑 and with the quota for the European continental final. 🌸 Thank you @ralitsa.chm for participating in this global virtual game of s.k.a.t.e., a pleasure to have met you 💕 🏆 Un lugar más se definió para cerrar los cupos de la final en el continente europeo: el encuentro fue entre Charlotte Hym de Francia 🇫🇷 y Ralitsa Chimshirova de Bulgaria 🇧🇬. 😜 😎 La francesa, gran conocedora de estos juegos de skate🛹 no dejó escapar ninguna oportunidad de crear trucos y fue así como @charlotte_hym se quedó con este juego 👑 y con el cupo a la final continental europea. 🌸 Gracias @ralitsa.chm por haber participado en este juego virtual global de s.k.a.t.e., un placer haberte conocido 💕 Written By: @danielaskiter Poseiden Ambassador, Argentina #poseidenfoundation #skatecongusto #theberrics #gameofskate #unitedwesk8 #Europe #Ukarine #Bulgaria #skatergirls #Dreams2Reality #girlspower #skatefemenino #skatefeminino #femaleskateboarding #iloveskateboarding #ladiesofshred

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Its alliance with The Berrics was formed 12 years ago when Steve Berra, Jen's friend, accepted to collaborate with the foundation. They have been working for skateboarding for more than a decade.

The Berrics is an iconic skate project that has signed the whole skateboarding history around the world. With its content and excellent management, they got to position the flat ground tricks and style, delimiting what are the right skate tricks name, like a skate library.

Likewise, this project has been involved in a long process since 2007. They explained to the world how to play a game of S.K.A.T.E. besides all the great films about pro skaters stories, the skatepark architecture, and lately, the women inclusion in events like Ladies Day, which is held together with Poseiden or the Women Battle at The Berrics, where Monica Torres was its first winner.

Until now, Poseiden Foundation has been successful in implementing its vision and mission; part of it was to carry pro-female skaters to other countries, so both pros and the audience were able to experience both contexts. "They were humbled and learned not to take their lifestyle and skate equipment for granted when they saw what other disadvantaged kids had," Poseiden said.

Nowadays, "Poseiden Foundation and The Berrics have collaborated to make the first world contest, including ladies from all around the world, 5 Continents, 1 earth," Poseiden Foundation said. The final will be held on The Berrics official channel.

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