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Skateboarding in Nickelodeon’s Rocket Power

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


In a fictional beach town in California within the TV screen lived four youngsters whose lives revolve around sports and daily life adventures: they were Otto Rocket, her elder sister Reggie, and their best friends Twister Rodriguez and Sam Dullard. Most of the generation born in the 90’s remember seeing them on Nickelodeon sometimes during the week after school, wishing that instead of focusing on homework or just procrastinating that they could instead be playing street hockey, biking, surfing and best of all skateboarding like they did. Some of us remember this clearly since it was the first impression of skateboarding that many 90’s kids got.


The series themes


Created by Arlene Klasky and Gábor Csupó, the first season was first aired in 1999 and had a fourth and final one that ended the series in 2003. The episodes theme were simple but effective. Each segment would follow one of the four members as a protagonist, while relating to the others and resolving a conflict mostly consisting in each of the characters virtues and flaws: Otto was highly gifted for his age and a natural leader, but somewhat vain and self-centered, Reggie was kind and caring but lacking self-esteem, Twister was loyal and trustful but rather dull and Sam was very smart but often meek.

Nevertheless, the gang would resolve any hardships and by the end of the day still be the best of friends while growing up as characters and better individuals. Friendship, family and coming of age was altogether what Rocket Power was all about.






Cartoon Skateboarding not so Cartoonish

The gang played a lot of sports but the most frequent one was skateboarding all along. Even though skateboarding was shown kind of as a leisure activity or childish entertainment, Rocket Power showed a huge variety of skateboarding movements and tricks. The four friends would skate their way through any obstacle on the street, on ramps and parks, and get footage of it to improve and be their very best; just as a real skater would.

Showing skills and winning everyones attention in town was not an easy task, but proving that they could do that as a team and shine as a whole and also on their own helped each of them overcome their weaknesses and get through the day no matter how hard the falls were. Rocket Power would always keep standing on the deck and roll down the avenue.



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