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7 Tips To Practice Skateboarding at Home
By Valentina Diaz

V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder, is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Do Some Balance Board 

Practicing this modality will help you a lot if you are a skateboarder, the balance board is composed of a roll and a flat board, with it you can fortify your balance, your strength and do some tricks that gets better every day. Doing this for an hour per day will give you some cool results.

This new modality works for every athlete who practices a sport like snowboarding, balance boarding, wakeboard, surfing, skateboarding and many more.

You can improve skills like leg strength while having fun doing challenges like flipping a toilet paper and coordinating your body. This will improve motor control, correct posture to skate, descend or bowl and have other health benefits such as improving your visual response help you take more control of your body and practice proprioception which is the ability to send the order from your brain and that will make your muscles improve their response time.


Practice Using Things at Home

If you don’t have any element to do exercises at home, use your creativity to improve your skills like replacing technical items and gym equipment with household items.

Using a towel or a dust cover to replace a mattress and do workout for a core-training, use your books or a full bottle of water to replace the weights and improve your strength, you can use your couch or a chair to work your legs and ankles, go up and down using the stairs to improve the force of the gastrocnemius, and I'm sure you can come up with many more options that would help you to stay in shape to skate later as well.

You can use your skateboard and try a lot of exercises that will let you see how resistant you are, skaters like Neen Williams and Doctor Kyle Brown love to share all the things that you could do with just a skateboard.

As we are going to say after this item, coordination, flexibility, strength and resistance are very important and if you don’t have some things to stay in shape at home, you can be creative and use your skateboard not only to go out, also to stay at home.






Do Some Resistance and Coordination Activities

Sometimes you will need just a towel and some water to exercise and improve your abilities as a skater. The force is important to control your body and if you work on that you could get faster skating and if you are faster you can control your body when you fall and get even better at executing of your tricks.

Resistance will let you have the capacity to support a charge for a long time. If you want to do a lot of tricks, one after one, you need to have more resitance, you will be able to get less tired so you can skate more or longer lines.

More flexibility will let your muscles get a better elongation during a fall and before an injury, if the muscles are relaxed and flexible they can contract better so it’s important for a skateboarder to do an extra job that lets him or her avoid an injury and continue skating.

Coordination needs to be a daily activity because it will help us to take control of any situation when we need to do a trick, so it’s important to create a habit of coordination exercises to not forget our favorite tricks.

Work hard in your body and get back into shape this quarantine, do push-ups, jumps, strength training, cross-training and too many reps of all the exercises. We know that doing exercise might not be our favorite activity because we just want to skate, but if were skating for years it's a necessary thing to continue taking care of ourselves, even at home.


Use Your Board and Carpet to Practice Some Tricks

Lots of skaters use their boards without trucks and wheels and then just put the board on the carpet and try some tricks like 180, 360, flips, and more, you will be safe and so will your floor. This activity will help you to not forget your favorite tricks, also if you have a trampoline, you should go there with your board and jump as tall as you can and do a lot of tricks there.

When you do activities like these, you continue working on your career as a skateboarder, you can maintain what you like, recreate all the tricks that you do and still be motivated to go out and skate more with the same level that you had before the quarantine.


Eat What You Need

Take all the advice to cook foods that will help you to be in better shape. It’s really important for your body to receive enough nutrition, food is the fuel for your muscles so try to always eat healthy food, vegetables, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and drink a lot of water. Avoid junk food, candies, gaseous drinks, and all the food that won’t let you increase your skills in skateboarding.

When you eat well you are fighting injuries and illness, food will help you to be a stable skateboarder, balanced food will give you enough energy to go out and do the tricks that you want to do.


Build Your Own Spot at Home

If you don't have a place to skate maybe you could build your own ramp to practice like a grind rail or a gab, you will need tools, wood, a rail and maybe some help from friends or family. When you have the advantage of recreating your own spot you are able to learn new tricks and take it to every place you want.

With a grind rail you can confront the obstacle and yourself as a skater and improve your tricks, maintain a constant activity with your skateboard, try always to do it with the company of someone else, you will enjoy doing what you love just in front of your house.

Here at SHIT we have a huge mega guide for building DIY Skate Parks at home!


Watch Skateboarding Videos and Support Influencers

There is a lot of information on social media that can provide you with knowledge to learn and put into practice all that you want to do on the board.

With profiles like @TheNineClub, @Oldfriends__, @dr.kylebrown, @neenwilliams, @thedailypush, and so many more, you will learn everything you want and can practice at home.

We need to stay together and believe that everything will get better, but for now, we can see videos, enjoy the talent of legend skateboarders, explore our creativity, enjoy the sport, exercise and share with our family.

With a lot of work, we may learn to know ourselves and our entire body and see how it behaves when engaging with new activities. Have fun exercising at home and stay healthy in these COVID-19 times.


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