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7 Things Not To Do While Skateboarding

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


We all love skateboarding, and when we get out to practice we just wanna grab our board and get to it immediately. But sometimes we don’t realize that we might have some bad practices we shouldn’t do while skating, so if you want to skate the right way, pay attention to the following 7 advice:


1. Don't Forget to Warm Up

You shouldn't start skating as soon as you get out of bed. Proper warm up before skateboarding is going to benefit your blood flow and body temperature. Skateboarding will require your muscles and joints to work efficiently so don´t forget about them.






2. No, You Don’t Need to Stretch Before Skating

It may sound surprising but studies does not show correlation between stretching and your bodies ability to perform skating. The benefits for the body comes from a real good warm up.


3. It’s Not About Fashion, Good Shoes Are Important

Don´t wear boots, slippers or flip flops just because. You need a good pair of shoes to ensure support and protection for your feet. At least find some shoes with a flat bottom and a sole that gives you a good grip to the board.


4. Your Wax Is Your Wax

Maybe you like to wax every surface you skate, the problem is you’re not the only one skating, and not everyone like the same slipperiness on the surface. You can start putting wax on your trucks first, and if it’s absolutely necessary wax the ledge, just make sure the other skaters are aware that you did it.


5. Don´t Get Stuck On a Trick

skateboarding is fun

When you are practicing a new trick and have that motivating feeling where you just wanna try it time and time again until you master it. Well, sometimes less is more. Taking a break from a trick is necessary occasionally to let your mind evaluate your performance. Clear your head and you will achieve it sooner than you think, giving yourself some space doesn’t mean you’re not giving a hundred percent.


6. Skateparks Is Not a Good Start

For beginners the basics are essential, and the skatepark is not the proper place to start. You learn to walk first before you can run. Street surroundings can be your best teacher.


7. Don’t Go With a Negative Feeling

Sometimes you will get frustrated because of a trick that doesn’t work, or just feeling like your skating sucked that day. Never lose your motivation and always remember that sometimes it's a little harder than you think. It’s all part of the process and as long as you practice consistently the reward will be worth it.


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