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5 Tricks That Every Skateboarder Needs to Know

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


So, you consider yourself a real skater? Then you should know the tricks mentioned below. If you are not able to carry out those tricks let us tell you something…. LEARN them! In today’s SHIT® we’ll get to 5 tricks that every skater should know.

1. Ollie 

Most of skateboarders agree that when it comes to ollies, it is an essential trick. For nearly all of us the ollie is the first trick that we get to do as it is easy to learn, versatile and always looks freakishly cool. You can do ollies while you are sliding through town, to jump hurdles or to impress your crush. The secret to mastering ollies is in the way that you move your feet on the board. 


2. Kickflip 

Kickflips are fundamentally a deviation of the ollie. While you perform a kickflip, you jump upright and subsequently with your front foot, you flick or "kick" the board so that it rotates in the air before you land. Like the ollie, kickflips have many variations and in that way you get to dominate it you will able to increase your bag of tricks. Although this trick is a little bit more complex than the ollie, we guarantee you that this classic trick will always make you look fresh and with some practice you will get it. 


3. Frontside 180 

180’s are on our list for their versatility, this trick might not be the easiest and will take you some time to master, but we promise that as soon as you get this trick you will start to look like a real pro as it may help you perform many combinations of stunts. 180’s are also the offspring of the ollie but to successfully complete it you should turn your body 180-degrees either towards your frontside or your backside.






4. 50-50 

It’s gridding time homie! You can’t be a real skater unless you are able to grind around the city or your local skatepark. Of course,t the 50-50 was going to be present on our list. Beware that gridding is not easy; To domain 50-50’s you will need to practice a lot and you might fall a few times. The secret to a good 50-50 relies on your ability to perform a good ollie while you jump from the floor to the grind, then it is all about the balance and finally the ability to rail off. 

5. Smith Grind 

Welcome to the pros cage. This trick isn’t easy. We have come a long way from simple ollies to here, but it’s time for you to show the gang your real skills. To grasp this trick, you need to ollie from the floor to a grind while you latch the trucks on it and afterward land on the floor again. To succeed you will need a developed balance, speed, power and tons of patience. Once you are doing smith grind’s your status among your friends will be upgraded to demigod.


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