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5 Prodigy Skateboarding Kids That You Should Support

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Kids are incredible, they are so full of energy and are always exploring their feelings. If you as a parent encourage your kids to not be afraid of venturing into new stuff, the results are going to be incredible.

Children are always feeling inspired by the grownups and they like to impress them. Some of their behaviors are to imitate what their parents or close adults do. Now, imagine that a kid is able to imitate what a pro skateboarder does. That's pretty crazy and insane!

But what if they're not just imitating, but creating their own talent carved out of the vision of themselves in the shoes of their biggest skateboarding superstars? Quickly you see them improving their skills and showing the other kids how they can do it too.






This sport that takes place on what some consider a toy, well, this toy helps us grow stronger and more secure in ourselves. And that is something every kid should know and do.

Check out thes 5 prodigy kids that you should support:


Phoenix Sinno

Phoenix Sinno is a skateboarder from the USA, he loves curves, bowls and pools and has a huge fluency on the board. Phoenix began to skate in 2013 when he was just 4 years old and has since then been skating because it's what makes him happy even with falls, pain but also with lots of gains.


Sinno has done surf and with teachers’ help he began to grow more talented with the skateboard, but it was in 2015 he really commenced with his career on his skateboard. Getting his first sponsors, Phoenix got to grow more passionate about it.

Until now, this kid at just eleven years old is sponsored by Santa Cruz Skateboards, Vans, Bell Skate Helmets, Red Curbs and Merge 4 Socks. It seems like this kid has an enormous road to walk and to win more. He was definitely born to skate the curves and take everything to the highest level.




Jake Brenier

This 10 year old loves the streets, but he is so talented in the park too. Brenier is from California and lives in Los Angeles. During his short career that started only a year ago, Brenier has skated with riders like Nyjah, David Loy, Dominick Walker, Shecks and many other.


Everything started when his parents opened his own account on Instagram to show his progress. By 2017 he was learning the basics on the ramps and ollie stairs. He is so talented that he's gotten the opportunty to ride for OJ Wheels, Plan B, Etnies, Independent and Grinderz.

He dances freestyle, and he loves drums, but the best thing he knows how to do is skateboarding. He has skated in all kinds of skateparks and even if he is so good and passionate at bowls, he is dedicated to skate on the streets and parks like Nyjah Huston, Volcom Vans, high schools and more.




Cy Romano

Nowadays skateboarders have to be complete, skating ramps and streets at the same time, but they’re always going to have preferences. Like Romano, a skateboarder from the US who since 2018 has been skating and winning small contests, the style of how he lands tricks, his fluency, technique and consistency makes him a great skateboarder.

Romano is sponsored by Powell Peralta, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, Grizzly Griptape, Reapers Skateboarding, Active Ride Shop. We are so glad to see riders who are receiving enough support to dedicate their lives to have fun on the skateboard.


Reese Nelson 


This 7 years girl is amazing on her skateboard, she began to skate in 2014 and has never stopped to surprise her family. Reese is from Canada but lives in California. She definitely belongs to the park and has so many combinations and sets of tricks, watching this seven-year-old warms a skaters heart and makes you feel proud.

As of now she is supported by her parents and Nine Times Calgary, but the future for this kid looks pretty amazing. She is so technical, fluid, sure in each trick that she lands and loves to do blunt, flips, big spins and more.


Mark Toddler


Three years old and this kid doesn’t fear a thing. He began to skate when he was just a year old and understood how the skateboard worked so he could stand on it. So much so that he got to do his first rock n roll on a ramp by this point.






Mark is like a superstar and has been sharing skate sessions with some of the best skateboarders out there like Steve Caballero, Leticia Bufoni, Nyjah Huston, Meagan Kuy, Weeman and many more. He loves punk music and style and you can see it in his hair cut and the way he enjoys those sounds.



Naoki Akita


Naoki is from Japan and is a 7 years old and constantly breaking boundaries on his skateboard. Akita lives in the USA and since he went to California, his career started growing because of his talent and passion. He loves the skatepark and those who mix the park and the street together so he can fly everywhere and do his best tricks.

Since 2019 he has been doing his best and brands like Adidas Skateboarding are supporting him. He skates in Fremont, California but also travels to his country and enjoys skateboarding there as well.


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