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5 Habits to Improve Your Skateboarding Skills

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Everyone has a beginning. Even Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero or Chris Cole among other skaters were beginners at some point. Just like all of us, they have fallen a few times, failed many tricks, twisted an ankle or even broken a few bones. How can we prevent this? SPOILER ALERT: it is impossible. Nevertheless, in todays SHIT® we are going to give you five habits to improve your skateboarding skills.


1. Skate Every Day and Have Fun

Photo: Mikael Cho (Unsplash)

This one is kind of obvious… DAH! But let us explain, it is not only about practicing your tricks every day in the park (which is also an advice… DAH AGAIN!), but go everywhere skating: school, work, shopping, to your girlfriend or boyfriends house, anywhere. Literally just go anywhere that you can with your skateboard. This will develop your confidence as much as a bunch of skills and without even noticing you will start to do tricks on your way to you daily destinies and having a great time instead of being stuck in a traffic jam.






2. Repeat Your Tricks

Let’s be honest, very few moments in life compare to the feeling that you got when you succesfully did your first Kickflips, 50-50 or a foot stomp, but the practice makes the master. It is not enough to complete a trick one time, in fact as soon as you complete a trick for the first time you need to repeat it at least a hundred times or even more for it to really stick. Do you remember your first kiss, yeah, it was awkward, but after some practice you are now the biggest player alive? Ain’t you? Keep it going champ, one is never enough!


3. Always Learn New Tricks

Photo: Mikael Cho (Unsplash)

Increase your tricks catalogue every day. We all start with the basics, but with time and practice we want to move to the major leagues and expand our limits and what we are able to do on a skateboard. So, don’t settle down with a 360, once you master it go for the 720 and afterward go for the 900.


4. Skate With Other Skaters

Skateboard owes everything to its community. 50 years ago, just like today the sport and culture lies on the shoulders of every skateboarder: the youngest and oldest, amateurs and pros. Skate with friends, it will make you way better, you will have more fun and you’ll get valuable feedback on your tricks and style. You will get better and they will get better as well with you around.


5. Don’t Be Afraid to Fall


Yeah guys, third DAH! in a row, we are on fire today! But this might be the best advice that we can provide. Falling and getting back up is the essence of skateboarding, don`t be afraid to fall, in fact accept it as part of skateboarding itself. If you want to skate you are going to fall, however the more you fall the more you learn. We even have an article on how you can learn to fall like a pro. The biggest personalities within skate and other sports are the ones who have fallen a thousand times and gotten back up a thousand and one times. So, fall, but remember to get back up.



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