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2020 Sponsorship Competition: We Have Our Winners!

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine


What a ride this has been!

One hundred contestants have for more than a month participated to win a sponsorship with SHIT®, and now after tons of effort from the participants with hundreds of challenge videos made, voting, and lengthy discussions here at the SHIT® headquarters we have finally chosen not one, but two winners of a SHIT® Sponsorship.

For us and everyone involved this day is a celebration. If you know SHIT®, you know exactly what high standards of quality we keep for all facets of our brand, with supreme quality products and media. The sponsorship aspect of our operation is no different; A sponsorship with SHIT® is not just another sponsorship. We open doors and assist our team skaters in improving and reaching their goals as skateboarders. Many Norwegian legends with names that today are renowned internationally have early on in their careers been picked up by SHIT®.






Introducing The Winners

After choosing our finalists we went into the voting stage of the competition. We let the people voice their opinions about the different finalists and we let people garner the support of their friends and family. The vote was important for us to help us see who was willing to take steps in order to stand out at the final stage of the competition. In addition to the vote, several factors have been important in the choosing of our winners, factors like; skateboarding skills, competence, progression and unique talents.

Following this process, we have chosen the following candidates to sponsor:


Elias Egeberg

Elias Egeberg

Elias is 12 years old and comes from Bergen, Norway (Askøy). He transitioned from focusing on soccer to discovering that he has an apparent talent for skateboarding. He has been embraced by the community and his talents show rapid progression. Here is his video:


Alicia van Steenoven

Alicia van Steenoven

This is Alicia. She is 12 years old from Raufoss, Norway and have been skating for 1 year with impressive progression. In a recent interview with Toten Blad she stated that her dream is to make skateboarding into her profession and become a professional skateboarder. Here is her video:





The SHIT® Team and The Road Forward

We welcome Alicia and Elias to the team and can't wait to follow them both into the future and keep making their dreams come true. These two new additions to the SHIT® Team come in addition to Aksel Sørum, Sander Gard and Jens Anker Hovland and brings our total team count to a total of 5 top-notch and developing skaters in their respective disciplines.

 A sponsorship with SHIT® is not just another sponsorship.



Aksel goes PRO




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