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11-Year Old Skater Sky Brown Released From Hospital After Horrific Accident

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Born in July 2008, Sky brown is not only the youngest professional skateboarder in the world, but she is also an internet and tv sensation being the winner of the famous tv show “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors” back in 2018.

This dudette is a multi-skilled being that is up and coming to become one of the best skateboarders of her generation and is even scheduled to participate in the Olympic games because of her current world ranking since the top 12 skateboarders will automatically qualify for the Olympics! This is yet to be seen as the Olympic summer games have been postponed for august of 2021. If she is able to participate she will become the youngest British Olympian ever to participate in the games.

Brown has had many accomplishments in her short career, she was the youngest person to ever participate in the Vans US Open at the age of 8, came third at the World Skateboarding Championship and became the first female skater to land a frontside 540 at the X Games which got her to get the 5th place in this competition, she also got the third place at the 2020 Park World Skateboarding Championships in Brazil.


The Accident

On 28 May this year, Brown had a very hardcore incident while training on the half-pipe ramp, the accident left her with several skull fractures and a broken left wrist and hand. Her parents were horrified by the situation since the young dudette seemed unresponsive upon arrival to the hospital.

After the incident, Sky posted a short video in her social media from the hospital bed, explaining how this was the worst fall she ever had, she also mentioned to the media how her helmet pretty much saved her life in this occasion and encouraged those who practice skateboarding (especially the vert discipline) to always have the right equipment before any event or practice.

She also showed herself strong and far from being done with the skateboarding game, she is still looking forward to be able to participate in the Tokyo Olympics!




Recovering As Fast As You Can Skate

Brown was discharged on Wednesday this week, just a couple of days after the horrible crash. Both doctors and family agreed that it was incredible how fast this dudette recovered from the complicated wounds left by the accident.

But something good came out of this whole SHIT®, Sky was received on her way out of the hospital by no other than Tony Hawk! The professional skater has been very close to the skater and her family even before the incident happened, he was one of the first ones that recognized the potential sky had for skateboarding and ever since has been looking out to her development as a professional skater.

Hawk kept constant communication from the day of the accident with Brown’s family and tried to show as much support as possible during this difficult last few days and even mentioned that he is someone that knows how difficult can be to recover from a skateboarding incident, especially from a ramp, and was also greatly impressed by the girl’s recovery.

"Her accelerated healing is nothing short of a miracle." "Stay strong, Sky. Thank you for inspiring us with your unbroken spirit. And please take your time getting back to full capacities… we’ll gladly wait for you." finished hawk with a motivational message for the young pro.

There you have it my dudes and dudettes, this girl has a motivation that it is sure to take her a long way in this industry and from a very young age, she is already aware of one of the first and most important skateboarding principles! when you fall, you have to get up and try again, no matter how hard the fall! Go Sky!




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