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Top 10 Pro Skateboarders Habits That You Should Have

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Skateboarders are full of talent just because of the fact that they are rolling around on the skateboard, confronting their fears and making their goals come true. The skateboarders we admire are constantly inspiring us to be like them, risky and breaking boundaries.

In general most skateboarders start to skate when they are really young at ages from about 7 years old to 14 years. During this period of learning a kid is adapting to the sport and is finding what they likes most about it, once they understand how awesome it is their parents quickly see that this isn't going to stop.

For example, the kids and teens of this season are CJ Collins, Sky Brown, Raysa Leal, Yukito Aoki, Keegan Palmer, Misugu Okamoto, Tate Carew, Gavin Rune Bottger, Bryce Wettstein and many others. If we take a look back at the teenagers who were loving skateboarding back in the days and being so gifted, these are now the iconic pro skaters of the day.






This article is talking about how hard pro skateboarders can work for their skateboarding dreams, then got to be what they want and after how these people maintain themselves on the road as well as their commitments with their personal image and the brands behind.

In this article you will learn how hard pro skateboarders work to reach their skateboarding dreams. And there are some habits for success that each of them do that you can copy to raise your chances of reaching your skating dreams as well. Let's dive right in!


1. Skate Everyday

Photo: Oleksandr Kurchev (Unsplash)

A pro skateboarder is never going to be a pro if he or she doesn't skate every day, especially because it's the only way to rapidly improve your technique and style. Due to your constant practice and effort and dedicating at least 3 hours daily to skate, you will see results faster.

Likewise, skateboarding is about learning every day more about how it works, so you should compliment the activity of skating with watching videos, playing video games and hearing what your favorite skaters say in interviews. Thats how you most easily can make sure you copy good habits from the people in the game.


2. Visualize Your Next Trick

Photo: Jim de Ramos (Unsplash)

Try this for a moment: Close your eyes and see yourself pulling your dream trick, try to think how that would look like from your experience. What you just did was visualizing. This is a powerful exercise that prepares your mind and body for actually doing the trick in real life. The pros do it, you should too.

Another related part is getting clear on what your dream pro life looks like, and to assist you with that, here are some easy questions that might help you clarify what to visualize:

What kind of technique are you going to use? How are you going to execute them? Where would you do it? When in the future is it? What are you wearing? What is the temperature? Who is there with you? Add as many specifics as you want to your visualisations for best results!


3. Be Prepared Psychologically

prepare yourself to skate
Photo: Christian Lunde (Unsplash)

Once you start to skate daily and start reaching a high level you will see new challenges. Sometimes you will feel frustrated, but if you are constantly preparing your mind to go and land those tricks and bear the pain, well you're going to shut up some mouths.

People are rude when they can't do what you can. In this world, frustration and stagnant feelings are very common, but to be on the highest level you should listen to your feelings, fight for what you know and if someone tells you that you can't be a pro skateboarder, just ignore those comments because nothing is impossible.


4. Have a Differential Factor

creative to skate
Photo: Stearling Jones (Unsplash)

Creativity is the most important thing when you are a pro skateboarder! Why? Well the skater will make people think that skateboarding is easy becaise of the way they skate, their style, execution, spot, trick, flow and more. All those things demands creativity put into skateboarding.

Recognition comes with what you are able to do and where and how you adapt your skills to the place where you are. You can demarcate your differential factor just with the way you skate, or the way you use a spot that looks super hard and make it skateable, or when you're trying a trick that nobody did before.


5. Look Out For Opporunities

New opportunities to skate
Photo: Seyi Ariyo (Unsplash)

A skater doesn't turn pro just because of being a gifted rider, you will have to look for your own opportunities and record every day. You must make yourself visible and brands will sense that you are pretty good. Nothing will come by sitting on the sidelines.

If you can spend money on something, invest it in yourself and what you need. It could be a good phone, getting tickets to travel out of your country, to meet people and start to build your way to the top. If you believe in yourself, people will think the same and you will get what you want.


6. Record Your Own Video Parts

record video parts
Photo: Selb Kulbacki (Unplash)

This habit is really important for a pro skateboarder, especially to brands. A video part is full of places, moments and experiences and that's what makes it special. A film like this is the pro skater legacy, you can see it in skaters like Tommy Sandoval, Chris Cole, TJ Rogers and others.

Your career will be in your video parts, people will know who you are because of them, everyone is waiting to see what you were doing all this time and when you finally get any of your video parts out, you will feel grateful of the amazing team job and how amazing you were.


7. Be Loyal to Your Crew

skateboarding crew
Photo: Oleg Ivanov (Unsplash)

To get an amazing video part you must be in a crew which means a group of friends passionate about the same sport. There will have to be at least a filmer, photographer, friends and tons of fun. Do not forget to always record with your phone, but we will talk about that later.

Skateboarding is about fellowship, you will be loyal to your crew and they will be with you, they are your second family. You chose them to create a world where the center is skateboarding and how you live it.


8. Create Social Media Content

As we said before, skateboarding starts to be your whole life. Social media gives you a road to recognition that will help you climb in each season of your career. Depending on your content and how hard you are skating, followers will come to you.






However, for the biggest pro skateboarders social media is another source of income, so be smart and think always about how you may get some extra cash into your budget and you will keep skating. 80% skating, 20% business.

If you are giving your community great content brands will be happier, because thanks to how you are inspiring people to skate, they will return to the store to buy what they know thanks to your career as a professional on your social media.


9. Keep Yourself In Shape To Avoid Injuries

Photo: Andreas Bester (Unplash)

An important habit to remember. Some skaters just skate and then at night, they put their bodies in a bathtub filled with ice to recover their hurt muscles. This is just an example of how pro skaters take care of themselves in ways normal skaters don't.

You're not just being in shape because of beauty and esthetics. You are in shape to be stronger, to have more resistance in a fall, to know how to prevent a broken bone, or to learn how to react when you are going down 20 set stairs. So don't forget this habit, it will help you to be even better than now, besides you feeling better in your body.


10. Be a Kind and Responsible Person

skate safe
Photo: Frans Ruiter (Unplash)

This can be hard sometimes but this kind of effort will give you more opportunities to help your career develop, the brands will be there expecting your best, not just skating, also in being responsible to your commitments.

Brands aren't just important, the people who follow you and support you will be always caring about what's going on with you and you will have to be kind with them and with everyone who's going to work with you. This builds and aura of trust around you. Douchebags usually get left behind in the end.


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